Tuesday, May 11, 2010

sHouLd You WOrrY aBouT CeLLphonE,CeLLuLar AntEnnA anD Wi-Fi DeviCE RadiAtiOn?

Billions of people use cellphones and more than 80percent of the worlds population has access to cellphone service from cellular antennas.Cellphones are expected to rise sharply in coming years and many are concerned about potential health effects from cellphones,cellular antennas and Wi-Fi devices.some cell phone users who suffered rare illness have filled lawsuits against cell phone companies, but that cases usually are lost due to lack of scientific evidence linking the use of phones to the illness.While debates rage in communities over placement of cellular antennas the consideration of health effects on residents is muted because the federal governments  Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits local governments from considering health effects when making decisions about cellular antenna placement. Are you concerned about cellphone antenna and Wi-Fi radiation?

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  1. interesting facts that are stated here ay but to be honest i ain't concerned bout the effects and radiation not that am ignorant or anything but it don't add value to my life so yeah....